Friends of Breadfordshire

Labour of Love Preserves

I’m delighted to announce that I'm partnering up with Jane White over at Labour of Love Preserves, who makes wonderful hand-made jams, jellies and preserves both sweet and savoury. Each week, 2 different preserves will be available through my delivery serves, so check the side bar to see what there is this week! Thanks Jane,  you’ve been such an encouragement in these early stages of the business - your experience has been invaluable. Give her a like on Facebook!
Bedfordshire Honey

Simon Cockle, who keeps bees in Aspley Guise, a stone's throw from my house, makes amazing soft-set and clear, runny honey. I'm really pleased to say that you can order both types through my delivery services - read more about each type in the side bar!

Sticky Mitts

Gaye Whitwam runs a micro-bakery from her home in Wallington, baking wonderful breads every week. She is also a Bread Angel and runs courses from her home - she taught me a great deal of what I know, so have a look at her website, and give her a like on Facebook!

Tom and Henry Herbert

I met Tom and Henry on holiday, by pure chance, and got chatting to them after doing a pizza making masterclass. They gave me lots of great advice, and offered me some work experience which I'm definitely going to take them up on!

Val Symon and Catherine Doherty

Two local producers who sold me their produce, so that I could then sell it on through my delivery service. Val's beans were very popular, and Catherine's salad even more so! Thank you to Catherine especially for all the support you've given at the start of this venture!