Breadfordshire Bakery is a brand new micro bakery, which was formed in June 2014 by Josh Macmillan. After not enjoying the academic rigours of a Chemistry and Maths degree, Josh wondered how he might use some of this knowledge in a more practical way. Having always in been interested in food and cooking and the more recent sustainability movement, he was drawn to the simplicity of bread.

He completed a Bread Angels course, sourced the 4 organic ingredients needed and along with an email list from the local community, Breadfordshire bakery was born, delivering loaves in the local area.

In just 5 short months the bakery has grown and now offers a range of over 10 different breads, supplies 3 local shops and Josh is baking over 150 loaves a week.

With support from his amazing community and collaboration with small businesses, local shops and individuals who grow their own fruit and veg Josh has added locally sourced products to his delivery.

Josh believes simple organic ingredients and recipes produce the best flavours. He loves the process; the baker's hands kneading the dough, the ingredients becoming active, the chemical reactions beginning. “As you feed your starter you know that one of the oldest human food processes is about to begin”.

The highlight for Josh was the 2014 Woburn Festival, where he had sold out completely in the middle of Sunday afternoon - a full 230 loaves and 7 trays of focaccia. Josh felt like a true member of an organic and sustainable community.

With more produce markets and food festivals coming up over the next few months, there is so much to look forward to. 

See Josh in action in his short video: